Kimberley Wheeler is an Australian contemporary singer/songwriter with an American roots style (aka alt-country, bluegrass- folk).

Originally from Geelong, Victoria, Kim started off in bands with electric bass and heavy metal. She has now moved on to a folky acoustic vibe. Widely respected as an amazing singer and grooving upright bass player; Kim has been a member of acoustic bands Little Rabbit, Uncle Bill, Appalachian Heaven as well as backing the internationally renowned Dan Hicks as one of the Innocent Bystanders.

Her voice is in the alto range, rich and mellow, and is often compared to dark chocolate with its rich texture. Paired with Kat Mear (soprano) in Little Rabbit Band, Kim produces amazing harmonies and luscious solos.

Her award winning original songs are lyrical and quirky. In 2015 Kimberley was awarded the Tilley’s Choice Award for ‘Watching Over Joan’.  Her songs cover life commentary and social issues, pure fun and some politics. In all of her music the melodies are compelling.

Before reaching her present acoustic folk themes, Kim experimented as a writer and performer of Metal, Contemporary Greek, Bluegrass, Old Time, Rock, Pop, Folk-Noire, Western Swing and Cajun.

“My songs often start with an inkling or a seed of a feeling and a little groove.” she says. “When I write a song, I always think it will come out sounding like ‘oh brother where art thou’.  I am shocked when this doesn’t happen. It almost never happens. Instead I get a new song, and I am happy when that song stands on its own”

Sometimes I write love songs, or love-gone-wrong-songs, but mostly I write about the world and what is in it, who is in it and what is going on. The songs almost always come when I am alone and not looking, they creep up on you.  You have to take them by the hand and find out who they are.

Kimberley Wheeler's Roadside Holiday - CD COMING SOON
AHSB - Hold Your Lying Tongue 2017
Le Blanc Bros Cajun Band - Voyage 2016
Little Rabbit - Watching Over Joan 2015
AHSB - Three Forks 2015
Little Rabbit - The Rabbit Files 2014
Uncle Bill - Blue Mule 2012
Innocent Bystanders - Vivando
Boxmonster - Picasso In A Plane Crash

Current: Kimberley Wheeler & Roadside Holiday.
Past: Uncle Bill, Innocent Bystanders, Boxmonster, Little Rabbit, AHSB, Le Blanc Bros Cajun.


t. +61 (0)403 347290
PO Box 873, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3051