Mountaingrass Wrap-Up 2016

Extract from Addicted to Noise, by Rob Dickens


“Retracing my steps to the other hall venue, I found Kimberley Wheeler in solo mode, accompanied by John Gray on banjo (a beautifully light touch player, formerly from Uncle Bill) and Quentin Fraser (upright bass).  Now Kimberley has an impressive pedigree – part of Uncle Bill as well, Little Rabbit, Le Blanc Cajun Band and the aforementioned Appalachian Heaven Stringband.  Her own songs on last year’s Little Rabbit release (Watching over Joan) were striking in their song construction, dark and sometimes quirky context, as well as her distinctive vocals.

Today’s performance was about her eighth for the festival and she was terrific – the material included her excellent Little Rabbit originals – the politically sharp ‘Widows On The Hill’ and the infectious ‘Overdrive’.  There were also some excellent covers including Johnny Mercer’s ‘I’m an Old Cow Hand (From the Rio Grande)’which suited Wheeler’s voice to a tee and Jimmy Martin’s ‘Hit Parade of Love’.  I detected that her singing has gone to a new level and I eagerly await her solo project, expected sometime next year.  Wheeler has also just taken over as President of ABOTMA.”

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